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Hunt Aoudad in Texas


Hunt Aoudad in Texas        Aoudad for sale in Texas

Aoudad (Barbary Sheep):

Origin:  North America

Hair fringes on mature males on forelegs and lower neck.  High schoulders with sloping back.  Uniformly sandy color same for males, females and young.  Curving, ridged horns also same in both sexes, although bases larger in males and maximum lengths greater on males.  Male horns grow 14-26" with large horns up to 32" or even 36".  Female horns grow 12-20".  Males weight 100-320 lbs.  Females weight 88-125 lbs.

Food Habits:  Grazers with a liking for forbs and the ability to live on browse.  Will sample even tough plants.

Habitat:  Native to dry, rock outcrops and mountains.  Exotics are adaptable, but sekk rugged areas where possible.  Populations can withstand much distubance and hunting pressure as long as have at least a core of cliff terrain.

Water and climate:  Get much of their moisture from plants, but will drink when undisturbed.  Rub in the mud or dust.  Also bathe at length in shallow water when convenient.  Dry heat (New Mexico and West Texas) best.  Do poorly in moist areas.

Temperament and Compatibility:  Competitive.  Gregarious. Easily monopoloze feeders from other species.  Active colonizers of any suitable range they can reach.  Generally compatible with social species as long as the others are not bothered by competition.

Breeding season:  Mainly late August and early December.

Birth Season:  March to April

Gestation and Young per birth:  5 mon; 1-2 young (sometimes 3)

Sexual maturity:  Male as young as 11 mo. but 15 more typical. Female 13-18 mo.

Fencing:  7.5 ft. usually sufficient

Aoudad hunt in  Texas

State: Texas
Animal: Aoudad
Harvest Type: Rifle, Bow
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