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Hunt Axis in Texas


Hunt Axis in Texas        Axis for sale in Texas

 Axis Deer originate from Asia.  Axis are a medium size deer with crisp, white spots on the bright chestnut coat.  White bib at throat and a black stripe down the back.  Body is compact with dainty legs.  Young are colored like adults and all sexes are the same color.  Males grow antlers that are tall, graceful and simple with long brow tines as much as 18 in.  Lengths typically 22 to 27 in with some larger at 30 in.  Exceptionally matured male would measure 36 to 41 in.  Some males are in hard antler at any season, but most during May through December.  Most are in velvet February through March.  This just depends on the Bucks birth day.  Male weight 145 to 250 lbs and female weight 95 to 145 lbs.

 Food habits are:  Grazer in all seasons, but take some browse and can switch to dependence on browse if grasses decline in quantity and quality.

 Habitat:  Grassy openings near water with brush readily available for shade and cover.  Prefer light brush with grass underneath.  Avoid rugged terrain and high altitudes.

 Water and Climate:  Need to drink daily.  Drink more than once a day during hot weather.  Best in mild climate.  Losses can be heavy during severe winters, so need brush for shelter.  Thrive in South Texas and Texas Hill Country. 

 Temperament and Compatibility:  Placid except in close confinement or for big males in hard antler.  Compatibile with common exotics.  Given adequate water, cover, and grass, this most popular exotic does well in many different environments. 

 Breeding Season:  Some all year (Texas rut mid May to August with peak in June to July).Birth Season:  2 to 5 months before rut (Texas peak in March).

 Gestation and Young per birth:  7 1/2 months; 1 young (2 is rare).

 Sexual maturity:  Male 14 1/2 months (When first spike antlers nearly mature); Female 12 months.

 Fencing:  7 1/2 ft usually sufficient.

Axis hunt in Texas

State: Texas
Animal: Axis
Harvest Type: Rifle, Bow
**Additional cost may include gratuity, processing, etc.
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