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Hunt Grant Gazelle in Texas


Hunt Grant Gazelle in Texas         Grant Gazelle for sale in Texas

Exotic Hunting and Fishing Adventures has Grant Gazelle hunts in Texas.  We have multiple locations for Grant Gazelle hunting in Texas through our booking agency.  Our trophy Grant Gazelle hunts are record class.  We also have Grant Gazelle for sale in Texas to stock your ranch.  Call or email us to arrange your Grant Gazelle hunt with Exotic Hunting and Fishing Adventures.


Orginates from Eastern Africa

 Large gazelle with distrinctive shape to rump patch that extends onto croup.  Upper two-thirds of tail white.  Dark stripe down each side of white rump and dark stripe along side may fade with age, espcially in males, and lacking in some races.  White under-parts and typical gazelle head markings.  Newborns browner with special shape of rump patch yet to develope.  All adults have horns, although smaller and simpler in females.  Male horns long and robust, well ringed, base laterally compressed, spread varying considerably by race.  All rise upright, then curve.  Male length averages 19 3/4".  Female horns shorter, thinner, straighter and smoother.  Male weight 121-180 lbs.  Female around 99 lbs.

Food habits:  Browser.  Takes some grass.  Prefers short to meduim-height forbs, also leaves of shrubs.  Grazes actively growing, short grasses and fresh shoots of some grasses that are avoided when they grow taller.  Mainly browse when grasses are tall or when forage is dry.  Eat fruits.

Habitat:  Use open plains, open savannah, or openings in brush in dry, or even semidesert areas.  Avoid unbroken tall grass and rugged terrain.  Do not migrate if food adequate all year.

Water and climate:  Drink rarely, if at all.  Can live under arid contditions, but not desert, subsisting on moisture in food.  Can be slow to relocate when range dries out.  Body temperature rises in hot weather, cooling via a vessel network to keep brain below critical temperature.  Rely on night grazing to get extra water needed for this blood-cooling system.

Temperament and Compatibility:  Alert and nervous, but not timid.  Gregarious.  Dominant males periodically establish large territories.  Other males sometimes stay in territory.  Abandon territory after range deteriorates.  Might cross with dame gazelle.

Breeds at any time of the year but peaks in wild during rainy season when territoriality peaks.  Where there are seasonal migrations, this disrupts the herds so breeding is low then.

Births throughout the year.  Migratory populations have two birth peaks.

Gestation and young per birth:  6.5 mo. 1 young

Fencing:  7 ft usually sufficient when not excited.

Grant Gazelle hunt in Texas

State: Texas
Animal: Grant Gazelle
Harvest Type: Rifle, Bow
**Additional cost may include gratuity, processing, etc.
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