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Hunt Mouflon in Texas


Hunt Mouflon in Texas         Mouflon for sale in Texas

Exotic Hunting and Fishing Adventures has Mouflon hunts in Texas.  We have multiple locations for Mouflon hunting in Texas through our booking agency.  Our trophy Mouflon hunts are record class.  We also have Mouflon for sale in Texas to stock your ranch.  Call or email us to arrange your Mouflon hunt with Exotic Hunting and Fishing Adventures.


Originates from Europe

Colorful sheep with coarse hair hiding a woolly undercoat.  Brown with black and white legs.  Ears, nose, belly and rump white.  Mature males turn black on lower neck and white in a saddle patch over back.  Thick, ridged horns circle on each side of male's head.  Massive horns of male usually complete only three-quarter circle in purebreds and arch in at the tips.  Horns of crossbreds often complete of full circle and arch outward.  Typical horn length 20-29".  Male weight 90-120 lbs; female about 77 lbs.

Food habits - Grazers, but will eat large amounts of browse if grass is scarce and where they can reach browse.  Also eat fallen leaves.  Eat forbs readily.  Browse line left by taller animals often limits browsing opportunities in Texas.

Habitat - Prefer uplands and clear slopes.  Likely to hide in thick brush when disturbed.  Graze in open, lie on open slopes to sun selves, rest in shade while temperatures high.

Water and climate - Drink twice daily when hot, otherwise irregularly.  Does well in Hill Country of Central Texas.

Breeding season - October to December

Birth season - March to April

Sexual Maturity - Male 6-18 months; female 7-18 months

Mouflon hunt in Texas

State: Texas
Animal: Mouflon
Harvest Type: Rifle, Bow
**Additional cost may include gratuity, processing, etc.
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