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Hunt Whitetail in Texas


Hunt Whitetail in Texas         

Exotic Hunting and Fishing Adventures has Whitetail hunts in Texas.  We have multiple locations for Whitetail hunting in Texas through our booking agency.  Our trophy Whitetail hunts start at 110" and go up over 200"+.  We also have Whitetail for sale in Texas to stock your ranch.  Call or email us to arrange your Whitetail hunt with Exotic Hunting and Fishing Adventures.

Whitetail Deer are the most abundant large game species in North America. Hunting whitetail's in Texas has become not only a sport but big business in Texas.  The whitetail population is largest in Texas, where an estimated three to four million of the deer reside. Their characteristic tails are held erect when fleeing to display the white underside; the rest of their body is reddish-brown in summer and grayish-brown in winter. Fawns less than six months of age have bright white spots scattered on their coats. Adult bucks can attain lengths of over six feet and weight up to three hundred pounds; adult does tend to be smaller. Like mule deer, white-tail bucks grow a new set of antlers every year, shedding the old ones after the rut (breeding season) is over. Whitetail antlers are comprised of one main beam per antler; in mature bucks, each beam may have three or more tines sprouting from the beam.

Whitetails live primarily in wooded and brushy areas, such as the Texas Hill Country. This type of habitat offers good cover, as well as access to a wide variety of food sources, such as: woody plants, shrubs, fruit, and grass. Deer also occasionally damage landscaping and household gardens in suburban areas. 

Come hunt Trophy Whitetail in Texas

City: Gause
State: Texas
Lodging: Yes
Meals: Yes
Fencing: High
Animal: Whitetail
Harvest Type: Rifle, Bow
**Additional cost may include gratuity, processing, etc.
Starting at $